Sean Thomas believed that he lived a settled life. In recent years he had developed his business, Undercover Associates, into a special investigation service which handled overflow investigations for the San Francisco Police Department, and for clients with enough money to pay his tab.

Life was relatively routine until the fateful day when the man standing in front of his desk said, "Of course you know me, Sean. My name is Kyle Washington."

What followed was a kaleidoscope of deception, spirits and seances, each with a more devastating outcome than the last. Certainly, his life would be anything but settled.

A Change Called Death, is a new journey into the unknown, perhaps a journey that you won't want to take alone. Join Sean Thomas as he tries to resolve the matter of his twin brother's death. His search takes him through a catacomb of spirits, sex and seances. You'll be glued to the edge of your seat when you find out what powers Kyle Washington really has. Truly, there is only ONE solution.

There is a spiritual world. Some say that it exists in the same space as our physical world - that somehow, there is a parallel universe, which we occupy following the death of our physical body.

Many sacred writings include accounts relating to the existence of beings from that world and their interactions with those souls who remain in the physical expression. These beings are often called angels, or guardian angels.

Mankind has unwittingly begun an apocalyptic journey. Because of our arrogance, the future of the human race is now in jeopardy. Energies being sent into the atmosphere by our scientists have interrupted the angel's guidance field to an extent not seen since the fall of Atlantis. The angels can no longer function in the physical realm.

Sean Thomas and the Undercover Associates have been selected to correct mankind's mistake. If they fail, all life on our planet is doomed.

Lydia Johnson was a prominent San Francisco socialite. Her late husband had left her an estate that was vast and diversified. Now, following the murder of her daughter Olivia, she challenged Sean Thomas and his associates to find the people who were responsible for Olivia’s death. Money would be no object.

Mrs. Johnson reached into her purse, pulling out a credit card and handing it to me as she stood to leave.

“There’s a one million-dollar line of credit on this card, Mr. Thomas. Use what you need. If you solve the case within 30 days, whatever is left on the card is yours to keep. If the killer is successfully prosecuted, I’ll add an additional one million dollars to the account.”

A routine case? One might assume that it was. However, Mrs. Johnson had dropped a pebble into the sea of uncertainty. The dark ripples expanded until every person in Sean’s life had been touched in some way.

The past? The present? The future? Searching for answers in Olivia’s case sends Sean careening through time in search of the truth. Not even his many years of experience could have adequately prepared Sean for the challenges which he now faced.

I Am The Father' Son is an autobiographical journey of spiritual unfoldment. Reverend Ray Fraser chronicles his life's experiences growing up in a world of orthodox religion, where his spiritual consciousness was an unwelcome attribute.

As Ray was guided into the realm of spiritual happenings, he discovered a world that welcomes us all with open and loving arms. This world became his life and brought him face-to-face with non-believers and critics. Ray's spirit guides led him though the maze of uncertainty to a world of hope and promise.

During nearly 30 years as a professional spirit medium, Ray experienced many unusual occurrences. These are told in a conversational format so that the reader may identify with their own life's experiences, and with the direction in which they are headed.

In addition to the details of Ray's journey, he includes a comprehensive 'How To' section in the book. This guide will help the spiritual seeker in finding their own path of higher enlightenment and understanding.

Labyrinth is a collection of novelettes. Each story has its own theme and characters. Are there things you fear? Labyrinth will bring you face-to-face with your fears.

Each story is believable. Almost, too believable. Do you know someone who resembles our characters? Have you had a similar experience.

Labyrinth is a wonderful collection of suspenseful ideas that will keep you turning pages until the book is complete. Careful though. You may not want to read it alone.

Flight of the Monarch is comprised of five totally unique ventures into the unknown. As you read each one, you will find yourself not only identifying with the characters, but feeling as though you are taking part in the plot itself.

If you like children, then perhaps Freddie or 1421 Maple are the stories for you. If you like suspense, then Lost may be your cup of tea. Enjoy looking into the future? Don't miss The Coming. Find out how Karen Jackson deals with an unfaithful husband in The Wish.

Should young children be forced to deal with the unknown? Derek Anderson and Jimmy Michaels find the answer to that question. Are mysterious forces planning a change in our future? John St. Croix enters a world which he didn't know existed to find out the truth.

Whatever your metaphysical interest, this book will satisfy your search for excitement. One word of caution. These stories are believable. Almost too believable to be fiction. When you have finished the book you might find yourself wondering, "is this really possible?" Only the author knows for sure. One certain fact; once you start reading, you won't want to set the book down.