Gerou Chiropractic

7293 N. Lilly Rd
Canton, MI 48187

(734) 981-6969

He is a great family doctor and is also an athlete so he can help you deal with with sports related issues. My children have been seeing Dr. Gerou since they were little kids. Chiropractic rules! Tell him I sent you.

Belcher Chiropractic

10424 Pelham Road
Taylor, MI 48180
(313) 291-6710

Dr. Belcher is also an excellent Chiropractor. My wife and son have been patients of his for many years. I have recently joined his patient list when, for some reason, I am unable to get into see Dr. Gerou. Dr. Belcher is outstanding when it comes to dealing with upper back or neck injuries. Chiropractic truly works. Give Dr. Belcher a try and also tell him I sent you.

Brodie Burris~Accupuncturist/Herbologist

2160 S. Huron Parkway
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 975-2745

Brodie rounds out the three (3) health practicioners that have kept me going through a miriad of injuries that would have sidelined many folks who lacked their support. Accupuncture, though being used by the Chinese for thousands of years, is the hope of the future. Brodie is the best of the best. He is also a licensed herbologist who will add herbal treatments to the accupuncture. I have sent many people to Brodie and they rave at his success. Accupuncture works and it DOES NOT hurt. Even if you are feeling well, accupunture can put you in balance. Give Brodie a call and put yourself back together. Tell him I sent you.