Rev. Ray Fraser

Professional Spirit Medium, Author, Lecturer,

Teacher, Media Personality


“A man with a gift”


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      Ray Fraser has been a practicing spirit medium for over 40 years. During this time he studied orthodox religion and Spiritualism before finally opening a metaphysical center in Westland, Michigan. From the Mystiques~West Center, Ray provides spiritual counseling and insight to an international clientele. He also hosts classes instructing others in how to get in touch with their spiritual side and in the use of their own mediumship abilities. His work brings him into daily contact with the realm of spirit, and he is often called upon to relay messages to his clients from loved ones in the spirit world. Mystiques~West is the home of the weekly "Public Seance" which allows people to make contact with friends and loved ones in the spirit side of life.

     Ray’s portfolio includes a six year period of hosting a weekly radio show and frequent guest appearances on local television and radio shows. Ray can now be heard on "The Mystiques~West Hour," broadcast live on, Wednesday mornings at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. Ray also enjoyed a two-year stint as the host of a weekly television show, “The Mystical Connection.” He has worked in many investigations with law enforcement and with the “Parents of Murdered Children.”

      Ray and the staff of Mystiques~West led the national “Houdini Seances" in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 in Detroit and Las Vegas.

    As an author, Ray has penned seven suspense-filled novels, and a personal memoir regarding his growth from orthodox religion into spiritual awareness. As one reviewer of his debut novel “A Change Called Death” remarked, “He is a man with a gift.” Ray is also the creator and author of the Mystiques~West monthly newsletter, “The Mystical Connection.” Ray has written for many local publications, and frequently lectures to groups and organizations.

     Ray is an ordained Spiritualist minister, but blends Spiritualism with his 30 years of orthodox religious education to achieve a balanced understanding of man’s destiny and purpose. He is a keynote speaker with decades of business and metaphysical experience, most notably with IBM Corporation, 3M Corporation, and Lamar Corporation. He has lectured to the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, The Michigan Ghosthunters Conference, Michigan MUFON, and in Spiritualist churches throughout the eastern portion of the United States.

     Ray is available for readings, lectures, public appearancs, classes or public seances.