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Updated: Feb 25, 2020


Reciting daily #affirmations is a great way to let your spirit #guides know how you are #feeling and what is #important in your #world.

One affirmation which I #encourage all my clients to say is very #simple -

Each morning when you wake go into the bathroom, look yourself eye-to eye in the mirror and affirm "I deserve the very #best today."

It works #wonders for starting your day off on the #right foot. Most of my clients tell me that after the third day or so, they don't even have to look in the #mirror any longer, the affirmation simply rolls off their tongue and their #day starts out favorably.

Any #affirmation will work to make you #happier in life, but #repetition and #diligence are necessary. If you forget in the #morning, take a moment at a convenient time and speak your #thoughts out loud, your spirit guides are waiting to hear from you.


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