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Questions and Answers


The Laws of Spirit Mediumship


What is Spirit Mediumship and why do we need it?


     Spirit Mediumship is a form of communication whereby an individual, who has developed their spiritual abilities, can communicate with those spirits who are have passed away, and are no longer living in the physical world. After death they live in a world we often call “heaven,” “the higher side of life,” or “the spirit realms.” Everyone has the ability to develop their personal mediumship. However, because it is so misunderstood, few actually pursue this development. Most everyone has been told that spirit communication is something to fear or something that violates God’s wishes. These thoughts are NOT true. Spirit communication is a wonderful experience and the Bible supports spirit communication from cover to cover. We generally refer to people who have developed certain phases of their mediumship as Clairvoyants.

     Mediumship is actually one of God’s very special blessings. Through its use, we are able to be certain that our lives continue after our physical bodies die. We simply live in a different form. The use of mediumship can help us communicate with deceased friends or loved ones, talk with our spirit guides (Guardian Angels) and to foretell events that are to come about in our futures.


What is the difference between a Psychic and a Spirit Medium?


     The difference between a Psychic and a Spirit Medium is very simple. Pure psychics are earthbound in their intuitive abilities. They may be able to tell you that you’ll be starting a new job, or that you are going to move, but they will be extremely limited in filling in the details.

     Concurrently, Mediumship involves communication with our spirit guides and is therefore, an interactive form of communication and discerning. Spirit mediums get to ask “who, what, when, where and why” so that more and more detail can be provided. Whereas a psychic may be able to tell you that you are going to move, a spirit medium will also be able to tell you that you are going to move, but will be able to tell you when, why, and where you’ll be going.

     In short, all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. Also, don’t be fooled by the term “Psychic Medium.” It’s an oxymoron. Usually, people who use that term are people who possess very little training or education.  Be wary.


I visit a lady who reads Tarot cards. How to they relate to Mediumship?


     Tarot cards and other forms of physical modality are limited in their ultimate forecasting ability because they are created of only known physical things, such as, numbers, colors, shapes, placements, etc. In a deck of Tarot cards (depending on the style) there are a finite number of cards. The cards contain a finite number of colors, shapes and designs, and they are placed in a variety of different placements. This means that even though the number of possibilities might be vast, there is still an ultimate limit. With spirit mediumship, the possibilities are infinite. There is no limit to what can be determined.

     There are no negatives about any form of modality as long as it is of the light. We have many different types of readers at Mystiques – Tarot, Angel Cards, Love Cards, Palms, Astrologists, Regular Playing Cards. Still other readers use Tea Leaves, Crystal Balls, Rune Stones, and this list could go on and on.

     We find that for the most part, the average person who visits a reader feels more comfortable if they are able to see something that appears to help them understand the forecast that is being given to them. If the reader is also a spirit medium, it won’t change the reading at all. If not, the details of the outcome may be limited as referenced above. All the readers at Mystiques are also Spirit Mediums regardless of what form of physical assistance they may use. This ensures a high quality reading every time.


How does Spirit Mediumship work?


     While all the specific details are uncertain, we do know that each of us has a unique vibration – an energy, if you will, that distinguishes us from any other entity in the universe. When we are able to use our mediumship, we can recognize this vibration, and as such, tap into all the things in the universe that relate to it. It is for this reason that a Spirit Medium can perform absent or distant readings. Our personal energy exists everywhere in the universe and all we need do is seek it out and presto – we are tapped into that energy stream.

     Our spirit guides use this same energy to choose us under one of the Natural Laws of the Universe called the Law of Attraction. This law says that “Like Attracts Like,” meaning that they choose to work with us because we share a similar vibration.

     When we are asking them for information regarding an individual, they simply help us find the vibration that we are seeking. It works a little like tuning in a radio before they had digital radios. With the older radios, once the station came in so you could hear it, you’d quit looking.

     Spiritually, as you search, when the picture seems clearest, you simply stop searching and start offering the information that you see. When you have questions understanding the images that are presented, all you need do is ask your guides for clarification. There are many, many different phases of mediumship available. Everyone has at least one phase. You can be taught how to interpret these impressions in classes that we offer here at Mystiques~West.


What do I need to do to develop my Spirit Mediumship?


     There are several things that are necessary for the proper development of spirit mediumship. I feel the two most important are the quieting of your ego, and the ability to meditate.

     One of the most significant issues that developing mediums face is trying to improve the level of their accurate information. Many times when I interview a prospective worker they want to try and impress me with an accuracy rating of 95 or 100%. That level is absurd. Edgar Cayce said that a good psychic (medium) is accurate about 25% of the time. While I believe that that level is too low, it is a good denominator to keep our egos in check. A good intuitive – with practice, sincerity and with the help of their spirit guides – should be more in the 75% to 85% range. The mere fact that they want to measure the number of points of accuracy is only to bolster their ego and make them feel more important. The most advanced spirit medium of our time, Jesus of Nazareth, never took credit for any of his offerings or healings. Truly, it is not how MANY things that you are right about that is important, it is WHAT you are right about that counts. Focus more on finding the right answer, and less on how many answers you get correct. Mediumship is a passive condition. The medium is the receptor, the servant, the messenger. There is no place for an ego in mediumship.

     Meditation is a means of allowing your conscious mind to take a “time-out” so that your subconscious mind can function more clearly. This is important because most spirit communication takes place within the subconscious mind.

     Our conscious mind deals only with known facts; physical, things, issues, etc. It finds a place for everything and is very upset if something is not where it belongs. If, for example, I were to say, “A stitch in times saves. . . . . .what?” you would quickly answer “9.” The reason for that is the adage states;“A stitch in time saves 9.” If for example, spirit detected a way to have a stitch in time saves 15, the conscious mind might have a problem accepting the fact. That would violate what it knew was “fact.” Since much of the information that spirit mediums receive focuses on unknown things, happenings and occurrences, it is important that the conscious mind be otherwise occupied during a reading. The easiest way to manifest this is though the development of your meditation skills. An experienced Spirit Medium will be able to shut down their conscious impressions and focus on their subconscious impressions almost instantly.


You said that spirits can communicate with us. Do they talk or what?


     Their means of communicating with us is based on OUR ability to hear them. Our ability depends on what phase of mediumship we possess. In the most basic of descriptions, there are at least twenty (20) different phases of mediumship. The most prevalent and the most misused are Clairvoyance (seeing pictures), Clairaudience (hearing voices) and Clairsentience (feeling that something is going to happen). Most readers will inaccurately combine these phases into one and simply say they are “Clairvoyant.” Sadly, most readers who are “psychic” simply say that they are “clairvoyant”  when in truth they can not and do not communicate with spirit.

     When spirit calls to communicate, if you do not answer, they will bring the message you are to receive, in a dream. Also, communication with spirit is at spirits desire, not ours. There is no off-switch involved. When it is your time to begin receiving messages or impressions from spirit, it will begin happening. We call that awakening, or unfolding your spirituality. Relax, it is a true blessing.


I’ve been told by readers that I cannot be read. Why is that?


     This is one of the most misunderstood situations that people face. They are led to believe that some monsterously horrible power is keeping a psychic from reading them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ironically, the answer is very simple. You are seeing the wrong readers, and the readers you are seeing are not spirit mediums. They are probably only psychic.

     Mediumship, because it is interactive (with our spirit guides) form of communication, has no limits or blocks. Also, when a person tells you that they cannot read you, it indicates that your vibration is higher than theirs and that you could probably do a reading for them easier than they could do a reading for you.  Find yourself a true spirit medium for you next reading and the problem will be solved.


Do Spirit Mediums believe in God?


     Most certainly. In fact, most spirit mediums (myself, included) find God to be a much closer influence in our lives than before we opened our spiritual channel. Before I found spirituality, worshipping God was a weekly activity, one that I looked forward to, but not an ongoing part of my life. Since I have made contact with my spirit guides and heard from my friends and loved ones in spirit, the universe and all that takes place in it, seem to have at least a sense of purpose. We are less and less confused by the ongoing events in our world and we realize that there is an infinite mind that governs all that we think, do and say.

     To go one step further, before I was able to develop my spirituality, I stumbled through each day, not sure what lay ahead and what it meant for me. Now, spirituality is my way of life. Everything that is part of my life is governed by my spiritual energy and influenced by the love of God. If you have not experienced this, you really should give it a try. Life will finally have meaning. What a rush!


Can you use mediumship to put a hex or a curse on someone?


     First let me say that there are no such things as hexes or curses. They are nothing more than mind games that cause you to believe that something dire lies in your future. However, if you believe strongly enough that something bad is going to happen to you, then you will probably draw enough negative energy to yourself to cause some unfortunate incident.

     More important than hexes or curses is the concept of negative energy. Negative energy is real and can affect a person who is vulnerable to its influence. I find that many spiritual people unknowingly allow themselves to be open to receiving energy from others, be it positive or negative.

     Negative energy, while not like a hex or curse, can cause you to feel run down, or ill at times. It is therefore important that we use our mediumship to shield ourselves against any energy that is not of the light – or of the highest order. As non-spiritual people become more and more frustrated with life, they tend to generate negative vibrations (energy). These are easily absorbed by the unsuspecting spiritual individual. When this occurs, it is important that the person spiritually cleanse themselves so that they can get back on the right track. Spiritual cleansing sheets are available at no charge from Mystiques~West.


What about evil spirits and the devil? How do they relate to mediumship and spiritual things?


     This question raises many issues. I would like to address the term of evil spirits first. In God’s world, there is only perfection, and the absence of perfection. What we perceive as “evil” is only a serious absence of perfection. As such, that which is considered “evil” can be corrected with the proper infusion of good. If you are “good,” that which is “evil” cannot affect you. The devil is a Christian entity. The Native Americans, and most of the other religions of the world do not believe in Hell, or the devil. In more than 35 years of spirit mediumship, having conducted thousands of spirit séances, and knowing hundreds of other spirit mediums who have done likewise, I have never had a single spirit say “Help me, I’m in Hell.” Instead, the spirits that come through are so happy to be able to let others know that they are well and that they continue to live in a world that is free from all the trials and tribulations of the physical world.

     Spirit mediumship will help you contact those in the higher life who will be sure that you understand that there is only life and afterlife and that the afterlife is the place where we truly belong. That knowledge will bring you peace and serenity.


How does the Bible relate to Spirit Mediumship?


     This question is one of my favorites. Most Christians will tell you that the Bible is against spirit contact. NOTHING could be further from the truth. I most often direct folks to Paul’s letters to the Corinthians in I Corinthians, Chapter 12 and 14. But, as specific as those chapters are regarding spirit communication, the Bible actually begins in Genesis with spirit contact and continues throughout the old and new testaments. Christianity doesn’t want you to learn that you won’t go to Hell when you die. If people knew that, and if they knew that the afterlife is filled with friends, family, love and joy, most folks would live entirely different lifestyles. This would seriously harm the revenue stream that televangelists count on to support their million dollar television budgets.

     We have free sheets on Biblical Spiritualism at Mystiques~West. They give many references to Bible verses which pertain to spirit contact. If you would like a bit more detail, the Rev. Moses Hull wrote a book titled “Spiritual Phenomena in the Bible.” It goes verse by verse and offers the spiritual interpretation of the written word.

     Once you have read and understand the Bible, you will conclude that the only people who are NOT doing what God wants are those folks who are not using their mediumship.


I’ve heard that if you practice spirit mediumship you can be possessed by a spirit. Is that true?


     No. You cannot be possessed by any other spirit, even if you do not practice spirit mediumship. As human beings, we are “incarnate spirits,” that is, a spirit within a physical body. An incarnate spirit ALWAYS has dominion over a “discarnate spirit.” (Those spirits without a physical body) Therefore, you cannot be possessed, controlled, or influence by any other spirit unless you simply allow it to happen.

     Much of what others tell you is the result of misunderstanding. Misunderstandings often cause fear. This statement is an example of that fear.