Why The Butterfly?
   At Mystiques-West, we chose the butterfly as a symbol of our belief that you can change who and what you are, by simply changing your views on life.  Our mission at Mystiques ​is to allow you to find that special something that will help you become all that you are destined to be.

  Sometimes this can be brought about by one of our counselors. It may be just the insight given in one of our classes or maybe it's just the positive vibrations that are absorbed by visiting our shop and speaking with other members of the Mystiques-West family of light.

  Our total commitment is to help you with your spiritual enlightenment. Just as the beautiful butterfly begins his life as a crawling creature, close to the earth, and then evolves into a beautiful soaring creature, able to fly over all that is of the earth, so too, can you change your life from an earthbound creature into someone that soars with the angels. Our primary purpose at Mystiques is to help you do just that.
  If God thinks highly enough of the simple butterfly to allow it the incredible transformation from an earthbound creature into a much higher life form, would He offer you anything less?