In honor of all the brave men and women who have served our country beginn9ng way back in 1775. I will be offering 30 minute readings for only $50.00. That's a $15.00 discount and 15 minute readings for only $25.00. That will save you $10.00. Give thanks to all our hero's for their sacrifices. Many of us served in non-combat environments. While that kept us out of the shooting, it still involved sacrifice. Birthdays, anniversaries, spent far away from home. sharing our time with our military family. So many of my colleagues left lovers behind only to find that they had moved on during their absence. The "Dear John" letter changed more lives than anything else. When I was in the service during 1962 - 1966 I was fortunate to be stationed in Germany \, just a short distance from our arch-enemy, Russia. I prayed every day that the 'Cold War' didn't heat up.  fortunately it stayed calm. However when I  came up on deck on June 8 1966 and saw the Statue of Liberty just off our starboard bow, it was THE most incredible experience of my life. I didn't ask to go to Germany, I thought I would be going to Vietnam as many of my friends did. Fortunately, the Army had different plans for me. i don't think I would have fit well in that conflict, it had nothing to do with our freedom, but was a political war with no value to our wonderful country. I lost my best friend there as well as several military buddies and high school mates. Combat or not to every brave American who took 2 3 or more years out of their lives to STAND UP for our country, I say THANK YOU for your service. Now you can share my appreciation by mentioning this post when you call for a reading. These discounts will run from today through July 15th. Call today to schedule your reading. Thanks again to all of our heroes no matter what war was going on when you served. God bless you one and all . To those families who lost someone, may God ease your heart and let you know that their spirit is with you always,

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I continue to contact deceased loved ones, perform psychic readings, life coaching, grief counseling, home parties, group and private seances, weddings and funerals.

Prices are the same as they were in the store, I accept cash, credit or debit cards and Pay Pal. Contact me at 734-729-8019 (we are in the Pacific time zone 3  hours behind Michigan)


I am a Spirit Medium
I prefer not to use cards. I tap into your energy to provide the most detailed reading possible.
I will use Tarot on request.


10 AM -10 PM Pacific Standard Time
By phone or Skype.
In the Seattle area, I can read in person at IntraSpace or the location of your choice


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The  store in Michigan is now closed. Thank you for your patronage.
God bless you and yours,


Effective April 1, 2013


The following rates are the same as they were in the store.
15 Minute Reading ~ $30.00
30 Minute Reading ~ $60.00
1 Hour Reading ~ $100.00


15 Minute Phone Reading ~ $35.00
30 Minute Phone Reading ~ $65.00
1 Hour Phone Reading ~ $105.00

About Skype Readings

If you haven't tried a Skype reading, it's like being in the same room. I am reading face-to-face here in Seattle, while continuing to provide phone or Skype readings for clients outside the Seattle area. Phone readings are just as accurate as a face-to-face reading because as a spirit medium, I work with your energy. Distance is NOT a factor. Over the years I have read for clients on my radio and television shows and have clients in many different countries for whom I have read for more than 45 years. The energy dynamics are still the same regardless of the miles between us.




Many people have questions about which form of divination is the best. There is a very easy answer to that question. the  answer is it all are It depends on the person doing the reading,. It's no different than anything else in life. It doesn't matter what wrench a mechanic uses. What's important is the mechanics's skill and knowledge. same with a barber, hair stylist, or doctor.

Each form has its own benefits. For example, The TAROT offers a pIctoral outlay of situations which may be happening or going to happen in someone's life. If you are knowledgeable of the TAROT you may feel more comfortable with this type of reading. Also, some folks feel more comfortable with pictures. A PSYCHIC is a person who taps in to their personal intuition and offers insights based on feelings which they have. Generally, psychic readings are more focused on physical situations than spiritual situations, but some psychics are not aware that they are also Spirit Mediums. One of my very good friends and a lady that helped get Mystiques going 25 years ago, the Reverand Ada Graham thought she was simply a psychic and Tarot reader. What we found out was that she was a strong spirit medium. So, what is a spirit medium?  A Spirit Medium is a person whose body is tuned to spiritual energy and who using this energy can communicate with spirit guides and those persons who reside in the spirit world. They receive their insights from their personal spirit guides or from the guides of the seeker. These can be insights concerning physical or spiritual situations. since the contact takes place in real time the seeker can also ask questions or for clarification. Therefore, ALL mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. One capability that a TRUE spirit medium has that the others do not possess is the ability of making contact with people who have passed on to the spirit side of life. They can make contact with your departed loved ones for greetings or advice,

Those readers using crystal balls or other forms of scrying. look deep into the crystal for images which they can interpret as coming events. Nostradamus used a water dish in the same manner that others might use a crystal ball. It seemed to work well for him as we are still. deciphering his visions to this day. Best advice? find someone you feel comfortable with and who has a successful outcome to their prognostications and see them regularly. You wouldn't go back to a mechanic who tried to repair your car, but could not. Use the same judgement in evaluating a personal counselor

Next time call an experienced Spirit Medium to provide the information you desire. I can be reached at 734- 729-8019.

Ask the Psychic

updated, June 2019

Dear Ray,


   I am very interested in developing my spirit mediumship. How did you get started?




Dear Kyle,

   Thanks for writing. This is an excellent question. Thisis a very long story, that began in 1973, perhaps before many readers were even born. While working one day I met a woman who said to me "I must tell you about my house." being a good salesman I answered "Okay, so what about your house?"

"It's haunted."she replied.

"That's interesting," I answered, "but why would you tell me?"

She answered  don't know,  just felt  like  should tell you."

This was spirit working behind the scenes to change my destiny. I found out that her house WAS haunted. From this, I met a TAROT reader, who knew a spirit medium, and the rest is as they say, is History. You can read all about it in my personal memoir ' I am the Father's Son." Available thru Amazon or Barnes and Noble This book tells of many of the trails and tribulations that I went through to develop my mediumship.

It also contains a large "how to" section in the back of the book for those of you who wish to develop your own skills. Also, in the very near future I will be holding a Mediumship and Psychic Development class right here in the Seattle area. If you want more information on the class, you can email me at dancingwind@outlook.com. The class is a  service which I have been teaching for over 30 years. Also check out or offerings on "meet up" Seattle Metaphysical Alliance. for more current happenings.


Thanks for writing.


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