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Changing your views on who you are, can change your life



Life coaching, Psychic readings,

spirit contact, Seances, Gallery readings,

  and Grief counseling


Ray has been a professional Spirit Medium for over 40 years, offering life coaching & insight to an international clientele. Ray does not use cards, during the reading he receives detailed messages and pictures directly from his spirit guides and yours. Ray's work brings him into daily contact with the realm of spirit while connecting clients to their deceased loved ones. Ray really does talk to dead people.


Ray led the last 4 National Houdini seances in Las Vegas and Detroit & held a weekly public seance for more than 23 years from his Metaphysical store, Mystiques~West Psychic Reading Center in Michigan. He closed the store in 2017 and moved to the west-coast, while maintaining customer support via phone and Skype. He currently lives in the LA area. Ray has written 9 novels, hosted Radio and TV shows, and lectured worldwide. 


His services include life coaching, psychic readings, spirit contact, grief counseling, home parties, private and  public seances, classes, lectures, appearances, pre-marital counseling, weddings and funerals.


How I Can Help You

  • Receive information that could transform your life

    30 min



Ray Fraser

Burbank, CA 91505


For a faster response

I encourage everyone to

please call or text: 734-729-8019


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