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September 24, 2017

It's been so long since I've blogged, that I decided to start over. My work at Mystiques~West continues here in Seattle with many of my Midwest clients finding me for phone readings or counseling. Our move is complete. I Can't even imagine that a place like Seattle existed and I didn't know about it. The weather is beautiful. There is water and boats all around and the food is heavenly. We've been very busy since we finally got all of our belongings into our new home. There are several words that should be synonymous with Seattle; Dogs, seems like everyone has at least one, Bikes, They are everywhere. running (jogging) Seems like everyone does it. Seafood, yesterday we went to an annual fisherman's homecoming. It is a remembrance of when they used to welcome the fishing boats home at the end of the season. I am a seafood nut, can't get enough! Yesterday before 2:00 PM our time 5:00 PM Detroit time I had, barbecue Salmon, two Crab melt sandwiches, a bowl full of Fresh Alaskan scallops, a cod taco and a dish of homemade seafood paella. Topped it off with a prawn dinner. Nope they don't call them shrimp here. Shrimp are the little ones they use just for flavoring. Today we decided to try a little restaurant on the water for breakfast. Probably the best breakfast I can remember having. Fortunately, the workout center is just downstairs so I'll have to work it off. Been writing most days and just enjoying life. I would love to hear from you all, so pick up the phone and call me at 734 729-8019. Same number if you want a phone reading Seems like a second honeymoon for Michele and I. Interestingly we haven't even been here for 2 weeks yet. Weather seems to stay in the high 60's or low 70's, Also, only rained once since we been here.

  May 2, 2018 -My Spiritual Path - Part Twelve

The following months I joined a development seance; group, attended a Spiritualist Church, and began to learn from my noted mentor, the Reverand Norma McDermott, who was then the President of the Michigan Association of Spiritualist ChurchesI. she and the other wonderful people I met never criticised my choice of Christianity, They simply offered ideas and ask me to think on them and see what i thought. The end result was that I found out that I had mediumship ability and could help resolve the situation thatwas disrupting this family. When we had convinced the spirit to move on, we also discovered that the people who had seen to his demise, had had him creamated and placed his ashes in the large ceramic owl. At his direction and with the confirmation of Dr. Watson and other spirit guides, when the weather warmed, we took a the owl for a slow boat ride around Michigan Center Lake, removed its head and spread his ashes where he would always be a part of the neighborhood, and finally at peace with the world and the afterlife. Thereafter, I took classes in Mdiumship, Healing  and ordination through the National Association of Spiritualist Churches. In the 40 plus years since, I have worked and learned as spirit has guided me, and now live my life in harmony with the universe


March 4, 2018 - My Spiritual Path - Part 2

We left my last blog with my meeting a woman who lived in a haunted house. She was checking with her husband to see if they were open to someone helping them deal with the spirit. At that time, I had no experience in spiritual or metaphysical issues, so I didn't even know how I would be able to help them. Yet, youthful exuberance spurred me on. I lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan, near the University of Michigan. As is customary on universities, the school frequently offered seminars which were open to the public. On a particular Wednesday evening I was having supper with a co-worker who also lived in Ann Arbor. We were having pizza at a local restaurant named “Pizza Bob’s”. This was the only restaurant that served food with an organic inclination. As we waited for our pie, I noticed a community events board on which were posted fliers advertising coming events for the next few weeks. As I perused the offerings, I noticed one in particular. Friday, February 20th ESP Seminar Kellogg Hall, 7:00 PM FREE. I brought this to my friend’s attention. Her quick response was “Cool, wanna go?” I had no clue that my friend was interested in paranormal things, but the intrigue that stirred about the haunted house rose again and I simply answered “yeah, sure” once again not having a clue what I was getting myself into. Join me again next time to find out what happened at the seminar and how it affected my outlook into the future.

March 5, 2018 - My Spiritual Path-Part 3


My friend was extremely concerned about being punctual, so we arrived at the seminar approximately 30 minutes before the event was to begin. As it turned out that was a great idea. The 2,000 seat auditorium was full, nearly to capacity. Fortunately, we were able to find seats in the very last row. Exactly at the scheduled time 2 gentlemen from the University of Georgia came on stage and a hush came over the audience. The first speaker went on to tell us the history of ESP and how many countries (Russia during the “Cold War”) researched ESP to see if there was a way to use it to overcome their adversaries. He described some of the research which was then being conducted and cited some successes and failures. After a quarter of an hour, he turned the stage over to his colleague. His presentation was to describe the ESP Tests which were going to be conducted during the second half of the seminar. When he had completed his description, he turned the podium back over to the first speaker who spent a great deal of time answering questions and offering scientific collaboration as to the probability that ESP was a provable fact. I would find out how right he was during the second half of the seminar.

At the precise mid-point in the seminar’s allotted time, the 2nd gentlemen returned to the stage. He informed the audience that he would be selecting eleven people to come down to the stage for an experiment. One person would be “the sender” and the remaining people would be “the receivers”.

He began calling to people in the audience by pointing to them. One-by-one they made their way down to the stage. My mind wandered during this process until I heard him say, “You in the back, in the Red shirt.” I had forgotten that when I took off my business attire after work, I had donned a red polo shirt. But, I thought, he can’t be calling ME. To my surprise, everyone around me was pointing at me, encouraging me to go to the stage, I thought, Why me? I don’t know anything about this stuff. Finally, my friend said “He means you.” With a gentle nudge on my arm, I rose and walked down the stairs to the stage. Find out what happens on stage in my next blog post.



March 7, 2018

My Spiritual Path Part 4

I climbed the few stairs from the aisle to the stage and stood with the other 10 audience members who had been called. Our facilitator directed that we should all take seats in the chairs surrounding the long conference table which sat at center stage, one young woman took a seat in the chair at the head of the table. We were told that she would be our “sender.” The rest of us were to be “receivers.” I took a seat in the middle of the table, facing the audience. The “sender” would be to my left. There was a conference microphone sitting in the middle of the table to record any words that were spoken during the test. We were told that the “sender” would think of someone she knew, living or dead, male or female, young or old, and we were to concentrate on her and give out any information we might feel about the person she was thinking about. After the experiment they would play back the recorded information to see if any of the given information matched the person she was concentrating on.

I should say that I didn’t think much would come of it because I had no experience with paranormal things, and therefore didn’t believe in them very much, but after all I WAS on stage, so I might as well give it a go. We were advised to look into our minds and give out anything that was there, even if it seemed illogical or conflicted with things we heard the other people say. They gave the “sender” a couple of moments to gather her thoughts. When she declared herself ready, people began speaking, describing appearances, genders, relations, etc. I got nothing, and I mean nothing, a complete blank page. I chided myself come on, Raymond; Everyone else is getting something, try harder. Great idea I thought, but how do you try harder at ESP? I didn’t know but attempted to focus my attention on the “sender” who sat quietly, deep in thought at the head of the table. Almost instantly a picture came into my mind. There were feelings that came with the picture. I spoke out, “I see a young woman in a gray uniform, she is far away from home and won’t be returning home for some time.” Then the most profound and interesting thing happened, I saw a large gray eagle. A few moments later, the experiment ended. As the recording was replayed we found that the “sender” was thinking of her sister who had recently joined the Air Force. She had just arrived at her tour of duty in Ramstein, Germany and wouldn’t be home for nearly 3 years. When she mentioned where her sister was stationed, the ‘EAGLE’ became crystal clear. You see, I was stationed in Baumholder, Germany only about 40 miles away from Ramstein. The unit I was in frequently did maneuvers with the Air Force. We would go to Ramstein and serve as targets, so the pilots could practice their bombing runs. Now, here’s the key, the entrance to the air base is like a boulevard, with an inbound lane and an exit lane. Sitting in the grass median between the lanes was a large gray wooden eagle. I had seen that eagle many times during my tour of duty. How was it possible? I didn’t know the “sender.” Yet, the images were as clear as pictures. My friend and I had an interesting conversation trying to come up with some logical explanation for the evening’s events. At the time, I had none. Much later in my development I would understand that what had transpired was common and easy to understand. I was somewhat frustrated because I was in uncharted waters. My life was changing forever, right before my very eyes, Next blog, The Tarot. Please follow me if you like my blog.

My spiritual path – Part 5

The days following the seminar were interesting. My mind was on a continual search mission, trying to rationalize how I was able to pick up on the thoughts of the “sender.” Did I honestly receive her messages, or were they simply lucky guesses? I didn’t have a great deal of time to think on it, because spirit had another step for me to take.

I mentioned that I lived in Ann Arbor and worked in Jackson, some 40 miles away. In fair weather, the distance was not a problem. In the winter, it made life dangerous. The roads between the 2 cities were poorly maintained and were frequently covered with ice. The company that my friend and I worked for wasn’t concerned about travel conditions, if you had to rent a helicopter, just get to work, no excuses. Both my friend and I had jobs that required us to leave the office. When the weather was so bad that we decided we probably wouldn’t need to leave the office, we would occasionally share a ride. My car was newer and in better condition, so I often took the lead and drove. One day when it was her turn to drive, perhaps the worst day of winter, she drove. We spoke about an upcoming promotion that she was in line for in another state and I had been thinking about moving to Jackson to take off some of the stress of travel and save a few bucks in expenses. On the ride home, she invited me to join her for dinner. She owned a student residence near the University of Michigan. She said it was a cooperative house meaning that all the household chores were shared by everyone in the house, and today was her turn to cook dinner. Being single, home cooked meals were mostly memories, so I agreed. Of course, when you work till 6:00 and then drive home, dinner would take a few minutes, actually an hour or more. The students living in the house were typical 60’s and 70’s kids. The University of Michigan was a challenging school, so they were smart kids. We sat watching Star Trek, waiting for dinner. After a long wait, I noticed a deck of cards resting on a small table nearby, I picked them up. They were not like any other cards I had seen. Instead of numbers, hearts, diamonds, clubs and the like, each of the cards had a picture. The graphics were beautiful, but my quest to pass the remaining time till dinner with a quick game of Rummy faded. I showed the cards to a young man sitting next to me. “Do you know how to use these?” He replied, “no, dude, I’ve never seen any like that.” I said, “Let’s try,” and began dealing the cards the same way you might to start a game of Rummy. Before I had completed dealing, my friend came into the room to tell us that dinner was only moments away. When she saw what we were doing she became upset and said “what are you doing?” My explanation that we were simply playing cards to pass the time brought a terse response. “Those are not playing cards, they’re Tarot cards, they’re for telling the future.” She amplified the level of our sin by snatching the cards from our hands and returning them to the deck. Fortune telling cards?  Again, I was intrigued. I offered my sincere apologies and asked if she would show me how they were used. She said that after dinner, she would tell me what she knew. I don’t remember what was for dinner, but I do know, I couldn’t get it over with fast enough. Haunted house, ESP Seminar, and now, fortune telling cards. I was in uncharted waters. Dinner complete, table cleared, she brought back the deck. She explained that our modern-day playing cards were actually based on the Tarot. Instead of hearts, there were ‘cups,’ diamonds were replaced with ‘pentacles,’ clubs were replaced with ‘wands,’ spades were replaced with ‘swords.’ In the box that held the cards was a small instruction booklet. It gave the meanings of all the cards and the placement necessary to tell a person’s future. “Can I try?” I asked. “Sure,” she said, “if anyone wants to volunteer.” To my surprise everyone did. So, we followed the steps in the instructions and my first ‘reading’ began. The book had several meanings for each card. It was my responsibility to pick out the appropriate meaning for the person I was reading. To my very great surprise, I amazed the people I read that evening. I now had a new quest. Just as the images had appeared in my mind at the ESP Seminar, so too, the correct description for the person I was reading seemed to jump off the page to me. My friend told me that she had purchased the cards at Border’s bookstore in Ann Arbor. The next morning risking the possibility of being late to work, I ventured to Border’s and purchased my very own deck of Tarot cards.  Next Blog – The House. If you like my blogs, please follow me.

My Spiritual Path – Part 6


The Tarot cards had completely taken my attention. I spent most of my non-working hours studying the booklet that came with the deck, and also studying each card to learn all the details of their symbols and their placement for a reading. As my knowledge grew, so did my confidence. I began offering readings to my friends and co-workers, all with success. During this time, I had lost focus on the haunted house until the 1st week in March. It was a Tuesday when I received a call from the woman I had met during my sales call. She had spoken with her husband and they decided they could use some help, ANY help, to resolve the spirit issue. I again explained my lack of knowledge and experience in such matters. She was undeterred and asked if I could come by the following Saturday. I agreed and advised her that I would be bringing a friend. We agreed upon a time, and I finally called my friend to see if she would be interested in joining me. Thankfully, she agreed. It wasn’t that I thought that I couldn’t do it alone. I just felt that there was safety in numbers, ‘two heads are better than one,’ they always say. I silently felt a little better because I had taken part in the ESP experiment and had learned to read the Tarot.

Winter in Michigan brings crazy weather. The first part of March is still part of winter. At that time of the year, Mother Nature often surprises with extremely challenging conditions such as freezing rain. When you have freezing rain, the roads, windshields and everything else are coated with ice. Driving was dangerous due to the roads and lack of visibility. The normally 30-minute drive took more than an hour to accomplish. It was so harrowing that the first words spoken between my friend and I didn’t happen until we were on the exit ramp from the freeway. I felt relieved to be out of the ‘fast lane’, but the surface roads were no better. After another 30 minutes or so, we finally turned into the drive of the lakefront home. The house had been remodeled and looked almost new from the outside. It sat literally at the very edge of Michigan Center Lake. There was a deck on the rear of the house that extended over the water of the lake. The lady’s husband (Chad) opened the door before we could knock. We entered into a short hall that led to the dining-room. His wife, my customer, (Linda) sat in a chair at the head of the table. We were offered seats and took them facing across from one another.  Chad sat opposite Linda at the other end of the table.

                “Thanks for coming on such a bad night,” he offered.

My friend (Barb) and I both chuckled. The first words which we spoke during our drive were about turning around and going home. “It sure was tough driving” I said. “Glad we made it safe and sound.”

“We are too,” Linda said. “We were afraid you wouldn’t come, we are at our wits end.”

“So, tell me why you think the house is haunted?” I asked.

Over the next hour, Chad and Linda told me of the pounding on the furnace pipes, the sightings by their 14-year-old daughter and their 8-year-old son, and the most interesting event involving a large ceramic owl that sat on their stereo. Every morning when they woke up, the owl would be sitting in the middle of the living-room floor. I could see the owl from where I sat. It stood over 3 feet tall and had a removable head. If they were telling the truth, something unusual was really taking place in their house.

Linda told us, “We’ve even sat up all night watching it and it still always moves. Either we doze off or close our eyes for a moment and it gets moved. If we leave it on the floor, it is moved to a different part of the room, most often to a place just in front of the sliding door which leads to the deck.” Their real concern was because the children had started seeing the spirit more regularly; both had seen him outside their second-floor bedroom windows. Their daughter was afraid to take a shower, and the son didn’t want to be in his bedroom if there was no one else upstairs with him. I had hoped to speak with the kids, but they were both at staying overnight at friend’s houses.

I took a few moments to update them on my experiences at the ESP seminar and my success with the Tarot. I hoped that both events would help me decipher what was going on and how to fix it.

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My Spiritual Path Part 7

Idle discussions complete, I took the Tarot cards from their box and sat them on the table. I felt a change in the energy in the room as soon as they touched the table. It was as though a soft breeze was blowing through the room, but there was no source for the breeze. I looked at Barb, she was looking at me with uncertainty.

“What?” she asked

“Nothing, I answered. “Do you feel it?”

“Yes, what is it?” she answered.

“I have no clue, but I think we’re going to find out.”

My decision to undertake this adventure without experienced help, suddenly seemed like a less than intelligent choice. However, we were here and Chad and Linda had high hopes for us. So, what’s that they say, the only thing we had to fear was fear itself. In the same way that I had received the information in the ESP seminar, the picture of a young man, came into my mind. I removed the Page of Wands from the deck to represent the spirit during my Tarot reading and began shuffling the cards. It was my hope that by laying the cards, we might receive a clue as to who the spirit was, and why he was here. At the moment, it hadn’t dawned on me that I had no plans of what to do if any clues were revealed. Full speed ahead.

I turned the first card over and laid it across the representative card.


Everyone at the table jumped. I jumped and almost dropped the cards.

                “It’s him,” Chad said. “He’s banging on the furnace pipes.”

I laid a second card.


This time I didn’t jump.

                Linda wore a very solemn look, Barb chuckled nervously . Chills ran through my body. I thought, now you’ve done it. I wished that I had done more research on ghosts and spirits, but at that time in our world there was not yet internet, so research would have been time consuming and laborious. I pressed on, laying the third card.


                “Who are you?”


                “Why are you doing this?”


                It was obvious that whomever was hitting the pipes could hear and understand me.

                “Can we go in the basement?” I asked.

                 “We could,” Chad answered. “Are you sure you want to?”

                “Sure, why not?”

We rose and made our way to the basement door.

                The house having been built in the 1920’s had what is called a Michigan basement. This meant that the basement was only about 5 feet tall, with a concrete pad in the center which held the furnace, water heater, or other equipment essential to making the home habitable. Around the concrete pad there was large stone gravel which covered the floor from the pad to the foundation walls. We sat on the steps, Chad and Linda sat on the stair in front of Barb and I. All of us were facing the furnace. The furnace was an older coal-fired furnace which had been converted to burn oil. To my left around the foundation, in the corner, was a cistern. Things were quiet, so I was emboldened.

                “Why are you bothering these people?”


The sound was much louder in the basement. One of the pipes ran along the basement ceiling right next to the stairs. I placed my hand on the pipe.


I snatched my hand away. The sound was loud, and was obviously coming from the pipe, but there was no vibration from the pipe.

                “How can we help you?”

I noticed that the furnace had been turning on and off every few minutes.

                “Does it always do that?” I asked.

                “Not until today,” Chad answered.

                “You have got to tell us what you want us to do.”

The booming had stopped and the furnace stayed lit. I breathed a sigh of relief. As I did, the sump pump turned on. Chad started reciting the ‘Lord’s Prayer.’ Linda was rocking slowly as she sat.

                “It’s only the sump pump Chad.” I offered.

“I know, but that pump hasn’t worked in two years.”

I felt as though I had the wind knocked out of me. We sat quietly for a few minutes. My mind raced to try and plan our next move.

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March 16, 2018 My Spiritual Path Part 8

The tension in the air as we sat on the stairs was indescribable. The hair was standing up on the back of my neck and my throat was dry.

                “Why are you bothering these people?”

Silence, dead silence, no pun intended.

                “Who are you? Can you give us a clue?”

I was fast running out of questions. Just when I thought we were finished, I heard a noise which sounded like something heavy was being dragged across the gravel floor in the direction of the cistern.

Barb spoke for the first time “Anyone else hear that?” All of us acknowledged that we had.

                “What do you think is happening?” Barb asked.

I had heard enough for one sitting.

                “I have no idea, but I’m ready to go back upstairs.”

I Stood and turned, scaling the few steps back to the basement door. Everyone followed. Once we returned to the dining room with the door securely closed behind us, I breathed a deep sigh of relief.

                I returned to my seat and picked up the Tarot cards, placing them back in a deck.

                “Anyone have any ideas?”

No one answered, so I took the lead.

                “Yeah, me neither. Let’s see if he’s still with us.”

                I again, laid the Page of Wands.


“It’s obvious that the spirit can see, hear and understand us, so I think we need to develop a code to communicate with it.”


“OK spirit. One bang on the pipes for ‘yes’ two bangs for ‘no’ got it?


I was excited. Now, we’re getting somewhere I thought.

                “Are you a male?”

“Boom.” Even before I finished the question.

I turned over the next card it was the ‘Lovers.’

“Were you killed in this house?”


“Were you killed over a relationship?”


“Was it a love relationship?”


I had an ESP style impression.

                “Were you in a relationship with a woman in this house?”


                “Was she married to someone else?”

Nothing, not a sound. I looked at my hosts. They shrugged.

                “Sounds like you hit a nerve,’ Chad said.

                “So, it seems. Are you still with us?”


                “Were you having an extramarital affair with the woman of the house?”

The booms started coming one after the other, louder and louder until it sounded like

someone playing the drums. The noise was so loud, that I wanted to leave this session and regroup.

                I asked my hosts, “Is there some place quiet that we can talk?”

                “The deck,” Chad shouted over the noise.

We made our way onto the outside deck which overhung the water. When the sliding door was closed, it became extremely quiet. It was the first time I realized that I had been shouting to be heard, inside the house.

The rain had stopped and the moon, which was full, was peeking from behind the vanishing rain clouds causing a brilliant sparkle from nearby tree limbs and other ice-covered objects. Mother Nature sure had a way of turning dismal weather into a scenic masterpiece. A breeze was blowing off the frozen lake and with the temperature being only 15 degrees, it wasn’t long before we were all freezing our tails off.

                “I’m gonna do some research.” I offered.

                “You will come back, won’t you?” Linda asked

Inside the house, the noise droned on, loud and uninterrupted. I nodded my head toward the house.

                “If you want me to.”

                “He’ll stop eventually, he always does,” Chad offered.

I looked at Barb, she nodded.

                “Yes, we’ll be back.” I answered. “Now, I hate to be a party pooper, but I’m freezing. Can we go inside?”

We decided that I would call and arrange another meeting when I had done some research.

There was no interruption to the noise. We donned our coats preparing to leave and headed for the front door. As we passed the door to the basement, I took a chance and opened the door. The volume level increased substantially. I yelled into the basement “If you want us to help you we will, but in the meantime, you’ve gotta knock this stuff off.

I shut the door firmly and the noise stopped, almost instantly. We could have heard each other whisper


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March 19, 2018

My Spiritual Path – Part 9
I told the householders that I would do some research and get back to them and I was sincere. But in
the 1970’s, society had not advanced to the level of acceptance which we enjoy today. I first went to the library. I could find nothing. I asked the librarian, she directed me to the occult section, there were perhaps 
10 books. Most of which were religious challenges that said that communication with deceased spirits was a sin. I was still active in the church and didn’t feel sinful, rather I was exhilarated at the thought of helping both the family and the spirit find peace. I did pray for guidance but received no real direction. Perhaps God wanted me to figure this one out on my own. Things were changing…fast. Barb was promoted and moved to a different state. I, on the other hand finally decided to make my life easier and moved to Jackson to be closer to work. It was this move that took me to the next step. I secured a nice apartment near my office. One day, after work, I invited a friend and co-worker to see my apartment. He lived in Lansing and was also considering a move. As we entered the apartment building I noticed a woman, hands filled with grocery bags walking rapidly towards the door. I held it open. As she was walking I was telling my friend about the haunted house. The woman overheard our conversation and stopped right in the threshold of the door.
“You’ve been to a real haunted house?” She asked
“Yes,” I answered, at least I think it was real. “Why do you ask?”
“Because I’m a spirit medium. We are all about spirits. I would love to hear about it if you don’t mind.”
“Sure, I’m Ray, I’m in 203, come down if you’d like.”
“I’m Jackie, I’m in 403. I’ll put my groceries away and come down.”
Jackie disappeared up the stairway, I showed my friend around the apartment. We had just taken a seat when I heard a soft knock at the door, it was Jackie.
“Tell me about the house.”
I spent the next half hour explaining what we experienced at the house. My friend looked at me like I was losing my mind. Jackie seemed to have an endless supply of questions. Most of which I wasn’t sure I had the answers to. Now, I had questions for Jackie.
“What is a spirit medium?”
Jackie chuckled, “We are people who have the ability to communicate with spirits in the higher side of life.
“What is the higher side of life?”
“The spirit world.” She answered, “Where we all go when we die.”
“So, what you’re telling me is that you talk to dead people?”
“Correct,” she answered.
“How did you learn how to do that?” I asked.
Jackie threw me a curve. “I sit in a development séance circle every Wednesday.”
“And they teach you?”
“Yes, it’s wonderful. Would you like to come sometime?”
Well, THAT was the $64,000 question. I wasn’t even sure what a séance was, but what did I have to lose?
“Sure,” I said. not certain what I was getting myself in to.
Jackie was excited. “Good. I’ll check with the group on Wednesday and let you know.”
I hadn’t talked to Chad and Linda in several weeks.
I called them with apologies and gave them an update.
They were happy that I was now living closer and that I had made contact with a knowledgeable source.
I promised that I would call again after I heard back from Jackie.
Thursday evening I returned home from work to find a note taped to my door. It was from Jackie.
I read the note. “Ray, sorry, I checked with the group. They say the group is presently full and cannot accept any new members at this time. They will be re-forming in October. If you are still interested, you can join then.” It was signed Jackie.
I laughed to myself. “Well, so what? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It was only April, October was a long time in the future. I didn’t think I would still be interested in 6 months. So, I put the thought out of my mind. The following Thursday, I returned from work to find a new note taped in the same spot on my door. It was also from Jackie. I opened the note.
“Good news. Someone had to leave the circle. If you still want to come, you can start next week.”
I walked to the fourth floor and knocked on Jackie’s door. She answered quickly and invited me in.
“Look, I’m intrigued by the offer, but I know nothing about any of this stuff. What am I getting myself into?”
Jackie was gentle with me. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. These are normal people, just like us. I promise, you are going to love it,” she began.
She explained the basic premise of the séance and gave directions to the house where it was being held.
I was excited at the opportunity, but I also had mild feelings of guilt. The orthodox religious teachings were still with me. 
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March 21, 2018

My spiritual Path – Part 10


Time passed quickly and before I knew it I was driving out to East Jackson for my first experience in a seance, so help me God.

I turned on to East Boulevard and drove for approximately 2 miles. In Jackson, that distance from the main road puts you in the boonies. I momentarily considered turning around, but then, I was still young and brave, nothing ventured, nothing gained, I pressed on. After another quarter of a mile I came upon a small yellow bungalow with several cars parked nearby. I checked the address on the mail box. I had arrived. Looking to my left and right I noticed that the next closest house on either side was several hundred yards from this one. We were in the sticks.

The inside front door to the house was open, so I headed in that direction. As I neared the small porch of the house the screen door swung open and an attractive middle-aged woman greeted me.

“You must be Ray, Welcome.”

“Thanks for having me. “I answered.

“Glad to see you could make it.” Sandy said from inside the house.

It was greeting and meeting time. The lady who met me at the door was Betty, her husband Ray reminded me of my dad, then there Was Gary, and elementary school principle, His wife Kathy, an older woman whom I immediately liked named Norma, and then Jeanie and Doug a middle-aged couple. What the heck was going on? I was the youngest person there by a long shot, and everyone seemed so normal. Doug had retired from Consumer’s Energy, Ray was a retired police officer. Jeanie was a retired paralegal from a law firm that was one of my IBM accounts. In all, they were everyone’s mom and dad, Grandma or grandpa or coworkers. Where were the weird folks I had envisioned?

People were taking their seats in the circle of straight-back chairs that circled the living room of the house.

“Norma is the séance leader,” Sandy said. We alternate male, female starting at her right. I Took a seat between Betty and Kathy. Everyone was taking off their shoes and placing them under their chairs. I followed suit. The question on my face must have been obvious Sandy leaned over.

“It’s to get a better grounding.”

I nodded like I understood exactly what she was saying, though I honestly didn’t have a clue. Thank God for clean socks.

Everyone scooted around a bit in their chairs trying to get comfortable. Betty came in with a tray full of glasses filled with water, each person took one so I did, too. I took a sip from my glass and looked for a place to set it.

“No, don’t drink it now, place it under your chair and drink it afterward.” Sandy said “The spirit energy will ionize the water and it will refresh you.” I found a place under my chair next to my shoes and placed the glass there. Everyone else did likewise and soon we were all sitting comfortably waiting for the show to begin. I was suddenly very cold though the temperature was warm. Betty turned the lights off and the room became as black as night. I literally couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. I began to get nervous.

“Let’s all say our prayers,” Norma began. She recited a prayer thanking spirit for guiding their group and asked a blessing on the ‘service” which I assumed she meant the séance. One my one each person in counter-clockwise fashion, asked a blessing on themselves, others, and the “Service.”

I followed Norma’s lead and thanked spirit whomever that was for guiding me to the group and asked a blessing on myself and the service. Even though I had no idea what I was doing, I felt better after saying my prayers. When everyone was finished, we simply sat there, and I mean sat there, not doing or saying anything for what seemed to be an eternity but was really only about 5 minutes. I had kept my eyes closed but during this brief break, I opened them. It was darker than I remembered. What next? I wondered.

Almost on cue Norma began talking about people, “I Call Doctor, Watson, Lillian Glazer all of my guides and any other spirits of truth or light that may wish to be recognized. ” When it came my turn to call, I asked for my decease brother Jim, my friend, Fred Kansik, and the spirit of the man at the house. It pleased me when Kathy asked softly “Have you sat in séance before?” she seemed surprised that I had not. Cha Ching, I must be doing something right, I thought.

Without further conversation, Norma began singing the Christian Hymn, “In the Garden.” Everyone joined in. This hymn was one of my favorites and I knew the words well. I joined in. We began singing the second verse. About halfway through, Norma coughed a deep cough, cleared her throat loudly and sat straight up in her chair.

“Good evening Friends, this is Doctor Watson. I say welcome to our guest, and hope that you will become a member of our group.”

OK Howdy Doody, who the heck was Doctor Watson? Why was Norma talking? Funny, I thought. I hadn’t heard her talk much, but the voice didn’t sound much like her. This voice was deep and raspy.

Doctor Watson talked on for perhaps 15 minutes about world affairs and things we could expect to see in the next few weeks. Finally, he cleared his throat again and said, “Until we meet again.”

Betty rose and walked down a nearby hall where she turned on a light which only reflected a soft light into the living-room. Norma stirred and leaned forward. Betty Reached under Norma’s chair and handed her the water glass. Norma drank deeply, draining the glass.

I followed everyone’s lead. The water tasted funny, but good. I drank it all and as promised I did feel better.

I replaced my shoes like everyone else and prepared to leave.

“Got time for coffee?” It was Norma.

“If you’re going, I’ll be there. I have some questions.”

“I’ll bet you do,’ Norma said with a laugh. “Meet us at the Clock.”

The Clock Restaurant was back down East Boulevard at Michigan Avenue

“I’ll see you there.” I said, bidding my adieus to Betty and Ray for having me, and then headed to the Clock.

The Clock Restaurant was a traditional family-style restaurant, with breakfast served 24 hours a day and reasonable pricing. I took a seat at the head of a ’large-group’ table and waited for the others to arrive.

When everyone arrived, Norma took a seat to my right, laughing and talking, and breaking out a smoke. She lit her cigarette, blew out the match and apologized.

“Hope it doesn’t bother you, It’s my one real weakness.

The truth be told, I hated cigarette smoke. I’m a reformed smoker, and I understood her addiction.

“It’ll be alright,” I answered.

Norma took a deep drag and held it for a long time before slowly exhaling, she then snuffed out the cigarette and ordered coffee and pie.

A bit of dessert sounded like a good idea, so I ordered coffee and carrot cake.

“Nice to have you with us tonight. What did you think?”

I shrugged. “I guess I didn’t understand it enough to have an opinion. I did enjoy it. It seems like something I’m supposed to do.”

Norma laughed. “Oh, you’re supposed to do it, alright. You don’t choose it. It chooses you.’

“So, who’s Doctor Watson?”

Norma explained that Doctor Watson was one of her spirit guides and was her trance control meaning that when she went into trance, Doctor Watson would use her body, or physical instrument as she called it, to communicate spiritual insights to the members of the group.

The cake and pie were gone, there had been several fill-ups on the coffee, and I felt like had the slightest inkling of an understanding of what had just taken place. Norma was patient and answered many of my questions. I wondered how something like this could have existed on the planet for so long, and in spite of my extensive research into religion, I had never heard of it.

“So how do I get rid of the spirit in the house?”

“Simply ask it to leave. Offer reassurance that you will continue to investigate and promise that you will call for him when you have something concrete to report.

“That’s it? It’s as easy as that?”

“It is. If you have any problems give me a call. Don’t let it lay. Any info you can offer him will speed his departure.”

Well. Saints be praised, I thought. As soon as I got home, I called Linda.

Finally, it's the day of prosperity or the day of opportunity. Why? Because this is the last day we will have to be concerned about what 2016 holds for us. For the most part, it will bring no more sorrow or woe, and of course tomorrow we start a brand new year, with a fresh clean slate. When Jesus supped with the sinners and publicans as he left their homes, he clicked his heals and said "This I leave behind me." By doing this we might presume that mentally, he was leaving anything negative or sinful right where he found it, thus giving himself a fresh start. Our lives are filled with negative and hurtful things. Is it so unreasonable that we would follow the Master's teachings and give ourselves the same opportunity ? In numerology, 2016 becomes a "9" year, 9 is the number of finishing or completion, concurrently, 2017 becomes a "1" year 1 the number of new beginnings and opportunities. So, let this be your day of opportunity, your day of prosperity. at midnight, click your heals and leave the dreggs of 2016 where they belong. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. go forth and seize the day. Fulfillment and blessings await us all. Let's not let them slip away.

My Spiritual Path Part 11 April 12, 2018


Norma had suggested that I simply ask the spirit to leave and it would. I was confident that my hosts had asked/told it to leave many times. However, Norma was the “Pro” and if she said ask, then I was going to ask.

I had asked Linda to see if there were any completion photos of the house right after it was built. I had sketched up a drawing of how I thought it looked when it was originally constructed. Now that I had séance experience, I was far less timid about dealing with the invisible guest. I arranged to meet at the house three days later on Saturday.

I did bring my Tarot cards but buoyed by my spirit communication, I elected to fly this one solo without cards, using only my intuition to make contact. As soon as we were all seated, I acknowledged the spirit with two raps on the table top. To my pleasure, there were two soft raps on the basement door.

Linda brought a small manila envelope to the table. She pinched the flies and opened the flap. Inside were four pictures. They were old and creased. Each picture was of a different side of the house taken shortly after the house was completed. I had folded my sketches and placed them in my pants pocket. I unfolded the papers and flattened them out on the table. Picking up one of the photos, I compared it to my sketch.  Now, I’m no architect but the pictures were very similar. I looked at Linda, she placed a second photo on the table. Pointing to the first she said. “This is the original construction photo taken after the house was built but, there was a fire and the whole side and the front had to be rebuilt.” She handed me the second photo and it showed the house as it stood today. Again, three soft taps on the basement door. Pieces were starting to fall together.

I spoke out loud “The family would very much appreciate it if you would leave the home.” Ooopppsss, wrong thing to ask. Three loud booms on the furnace pipes. Norma was not correct about this spirit. What was I to do? I asked, Linda, did you find out any information about the owners?”

“I did, the owners were two brothers, they were both killed in a car accident some years ago. One of the brothers was married, shortly after their death the wife sold the house and moved to the West coast. I talked to the neighbor who moved in down the street only a few weeks before the wife moved. As she told me, the wife was moving to get treatment for cancer, she wasn’t expected to live very long.

“Did you hear that?” I said out loud. Justice is being served. Linda laughed. “The neighbor also said she had heard that the wife was cheating on the husband with some young guy that worked for them, as the story is told, the husband was violently angry and threatened to kill the young guy. Other neighbors who were close to the family think that the wife and the brother were actually involved. The husband and wife were the talk of the neighborhood with their loud fights. Shortly after a big blow-up, the brother moved and the young guy wasn’t seen again. This statement was followed by three loud booms on the basement pipes.

I felt like a private investigator, because I thought I had solved the “crime.”

I looked at Chad and Linda. They were staring at me in disbelief.

“Did you have an affair with the wife?” Silence. “Do you know who was having an affair with her?”

Three soft but solid raps on the furnace pipes. Did the husband think you were having an affair with his wife?” Again, the raps on the pipes.

“Was the brother having the affair?” Three raps. “So, one of them killed you, is that right?” Three raps.

“Was it the husband?” Silence. “Was it the brother?” Rap, Rap, Rap.

“Well, they are both dead, and the wife is dead or dying. Did she ever tell her husband the truth?” Silence.

“So, she could have saved you if she had spoken up, Is that correct?” Rap, Rap, Rap.

I leaned back in my chair. Turning to face my hosts.

“Well, there you have it. The poor guy was falsely accused and murdered because the wife wouldn’t come clean. Maybe now he can find some peace.” Rap, Rap. Rap.

I went home and called Norma.

“How long have you been doing this?” she asked.

“You know it’s only been about six months,” I answered.

Norma let out a low laugh, “Then we are going to have to move up your training. You did an outstanding job. Norma asked that I relay my experiences to our séance group at our next meeting. I surmised that not too many others had shared an experience like mine.

The next morning, Linda called me at work. “He’s gone.”

“Gone?’ I asked, “how do you know?”

“Well, not a sound all night, and the owl was still on the stereo, when we woke up.

I was elated at the news and couldn’t wait to tell Norma, but I reminded myself it was only one day. I was anxious to see what new adventures she had in store for me now that the haunted house was no longer haunted.