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Dealing with Covid-19

What a trying time this is for ALL of us. The most demanding time of my life. Of course, this is not the only crisis that has occurred #inmylifetime. When I was very young, we had the polio crisis. People especially kids were catching polio. My neighborhood friend Robert McGee, who I played baseball with, caught polio and lost the use of his right arm. Those types of occurrences caused #panic, but #thankfully the #outbreak was not so #widespread. Here enters Dr. Jonas Salk, “Polio” he said, “I got this.” I remember lining up in the school hallway where we were all given a dose of the oral polio vaccine.

More recently there has been the Swine Flu, SARS, and many others. In all cases there was a #unified front to #combat the #crisis.

Much to our dismay, back in 1999, I saw the panic caused by the Y2K scare. It suggested that on midnight December 31st all the computers would crash and the banks and financial institutions would go broke. At that time, I worked for IBM. At Big Blue they have a research team working on projects and products that will be viable 25 years in the #future. So, while my #neighbors against my reassurances, stocked up and literally cleared the stores, I did nothing different. When January came and all was #calm the world let out a sigh of #relief.

There are #visionaries who have a plan; not one that will solve all the political challenges our country faces, but one which will help reduce the unnecessary illness and loss of life. The other problems can be worked out at another time. For now, follow the rules, stay #safe, and #pray for yourself, your #family, #friends and the rest of the world. Human ingenuity will fix this. A #famous #quote by Dr. Salk is: “Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.”

When faced with a #challenge such as this, our best minds will rise to the top and make it better.


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