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Updated: Feb 25, 2020


I have been an #athlete for most of my life. Being from Detroit, I was raised as a Detroit Lions fan. It used to drive me crazy when the Green Bay Packers would play the Lions and #win.

Who was their #coach, Vince Lombardi?

Why did they always seem to find a way to win?

It was much later in life, after Mr. Lombardi had actually quit #coaching that I found he had many great #motivational sayings that #inspired his team and now #inspire me.

One of my # favorites is this - "If you're doing the right thing and nothing good is happening, just keep doing it, its not time yet."

We often quit while we are still able to fight and end up thinking we're a failure. Not so, its just not #time yet.

There are more #quotes which will appear in future posts.

Positive #encouragement is all around us. We need only to #look for it and apply it to our lives.


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