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- Ray hosted his weekly radio show "The Mystical Connection" for 7 years, making it the #1 show on WPON

- He led the last 4 National Houdini Seances

- Ray has done guest appearances on TV & Radio

- He hosted a weekly TV show, “The Mystical Connection”
- Ray worked many investigations with law enforcement & the “Parents of Murdered Children.”

- He mentors others thru his Mediumship & Psychic Development classes

- Ray counsels individuals who feel suicidal

- He has connected thousands of clients with their deceased loved ones in the spirit realm

In addition, Ray has penned 8 metaphysical suspense-filled novels & a personal memoir regarding his growth from orthodox religion into spiritual awareness. As one reviewer of his debut novel “A Change Called Death” remarked, “He is a man with a gift.” Ray has written for many local publications, and frequently lectures to groups and organizations.
Ray is an ordained Spiritualist minister, who blends his 40 years experience as a Spirit Medium, Life Coach and business man to achieve a balanced understanding of man’s destiny and purpose. Ray has decades of business and metaphysical experience, most notably with IBM, 3M, and Lamar Corporation. He has lectured for the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, The Michigan Ghost-Hunters Conference, Michigan MUFON, and in Spiritualist churches throughout the eastern portion of the United States.


  • Life Coach

  • Spirit Medium

  • Ordained Minister


  • Studied at Lily Dale and Morris Pratt for 12 years

  • Owned Mystiques~West Psychic Reading Ctr for 23 yrs

  • Over 40 years experience

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