Readings​ ~ Life Coaching ~ Grief Counseling

Intuitive readings of all kinds make up a large portion of our efforts at Mystiques-West. Life coaching and grief counseling are also available. Sometimes we are able to accommodate on the spot calls however, if you wish to have a session at a specific time and/or day, advance appointments are suggested.
** For Grief Counseling - call me and we will discuss an arrangement.











Public Events ~ Messages From Spirit & Family Seances

Death does not end the communication between the physical and spiritual worlds. Spirit contact is an important part of your spiritual development. The love and companionship of our partners, family, and friends is essential to the understanding of our life's purpose.

As an Ordained Minister, I have devoted over 40 years of my time and energy into contacting deceased loved ones for my clients around the world. My gatherings are not in the dark or scary the way Hollywood portrays them and we do not hold hands. Please do NOT let fear stop you from attending. The events are meant to provide peace and comfort. Please call me at 734-729-8019 if you have any concerns.
In case your interested, I was trained by the Morris Pratt Institute and the National Spiritualists Association of Churches. I sat in a development seance for 6 years. I hosted a weekly public event in my Michigan store for over 23 years and also led the last 4 National Houdini Seances in Las Vegas at the New York,  NY Hotel and Casino and at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan .

Public Event ~ Messages from Spirit ~ Every Friday

Mystiques-West hosts a public event called Messages From Spirit every Friday night at IntraSpace in Seattle, Washington. It is located in the Old Rainer Brewery (behind Tully's) at 3100 Airport Way South. It is just minutes away from the Safeco Field. These circles provide the opportunity to communicate with deceased friends, family members, loved ones, pets, or spirit guides. Each attendee will receive at least one unique message, possibly more, as there are at least 2 mediums present. Every guest is given a ticket, the 1st one drawn, will receive a private reading at the end. If you've never experienced an event like this, join us and witness firsthand the blessings of spirit communication. The events start at 7:00pm, so please arrive early. Admission is currently $20.00 per person. Please RSVP at 734-729-8019. It is an experience you won't want to miss!

Family Seance

Family seances are private affairs designed to help you and your family make contact with friends or family members who have passed on. We recommend a minimum of 5 persons. These sessions can be a wonderful source of comfort and can aid in the grieving process. They can be held at IntraSpace in Seattle, WA or if you prefer, in your home - Please call 734-729-8019 to see if we can accommodate you location and time.
Private Group Seances
Are similar to a family gathering because it involves a select group of people. We recommend a minimum of 5 attendees. These sessions can be a wonderful source of comfort and can aid in the grieving process. They can be held at IntraSpace in Seattle, WA or if you prefer, in your home. Either way, these are
sessions which you will find helpful and uplifting.
Call us today and get details on which event is right for you at 734-729-8019.

Home Parties​

Mystiques-West offers psychic house parties, conducted in the comfort of your home in a variety of different formats.

Our standard party involves each client receiving a 30 minute psychic reading. The cost of this form of reading is $55.00 per client. This party requires a minimum of five (5) people. One reader will be sent for each five (5) clients. For example, if there were 10 clients at the party who wanted readings, we would provide two (2) readers.
If more clients will be attending the party, you may wish to consider offering 15 minute psychic readings. The cost of these readings is $45.00 per client. This party requires a minimum of ten (10) people. With the 15 minute readings, one reader would be provided for every 10 clients.
For larger parties, hourly rates may be your best option. Hourly rates are $110.00 per reader/per hour. There is a two (2) hour minimum. This option would allow for shorter readings (10 minutes) so that more of your guests can be provided a  reading, in an hour's time.
You may request a particular type of reading (Tarot, Angel Cards or my favorite - no cards at all). If possible, we will accommodate your wishes. We would suggest that you give us a minimum of two (2) weeks advance notice. Longer is better.

Corporate Parties

Corporate groups are also welcomed. Whatever your party needs, Mystiques-West can help make them a success.

Most corporate parties are best served with our hourly rate program. As with our larger home parties, the corporate rate is $110.00 per hour/per reader and the minimum of two (2) hours per reader.

Mystiques has a long history of serving large corporate parties with attendees numbering as high as 1500.
In our corporate/large party offering, we provide the readers and the scheduler. This ensures that as many people as possible are given a reading opportunity.

For corporate parties, we recommend a minimum of four (4) weeks notice.

Ghost Busting​

There are many roaming or transient spirits in our world. Most are lost and unsure how to find the light that links the physical and spiritual worlds. Our talented spirit mediums can help you identify who may be causing your disturbance.

Having a spirit in your home is nothing to fear, but certainly it needs the guidance of an experienced hand. Why not give us a call and let us help you?

Weddings & Funerals

As an ordained minister, I can perform either service. If you wish me to preside at your nuptials, I would be happy to accommodate. I also do pre-marital counseling, which I recommend to couples wishing to start on the best possible  foundation.
In the event you have had a friend or loved one pass away, I would be honored to officiate at their transitional service. Call 734-729-8019 to make arrangements.


If you have a worthwhile organization that could use some financial help, Mystiques-West is the place to call.

We will provide readers at your fundraising event and split the income with your organization. In the past, we have helped dance troupes, drum and bugle teams, sports teams and military support groups.

Rates for fundraisers are negotiable and are unique to the function being served.
Give us a call today at 734-729-8019 to discuss how we can help you with your fundraising needs!



  • Sixty (60) Minute: $100

  • Thirty (30) Minute:  $60

  • Fifteen (15) Minute:  $30


  • Phone & Skype Readings ~ For clients worldwide

  • Sixty (60) Minute: $105

  • Thirty (30) Minute: $65

  • Fifteen (15) Minute:  $35


  • **Advanced payment is required for all phone readings with a credit/debit card or PayPal.